Readers Share: Seriously Unique Pet Names

Thirteen readers tell us the stories behind pet names you don't usually hear around the dog park.
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After I rescued my dog from a dumpster, I noticed that one of his legs hadn't developed normally. It was like a little "typo" in his DNA. I'm a copywriter and see typos a lot, so the name seemed appropriate.

Alison Cremeans
Cincinnati, Ohio


Right after we got our Lab mix, he was stepped on by a horse, run over by our truck, and bitten by a rattlesnake. His name came from the question: "Is he gonna survive today?" He sure has: He's now 14!

Kathy Eddy
Yakima, Washington


Our now-17-year-old cat was so tiny when we brought her home from the shelter that she kept sliding around the front seat of our truck. My husband had to put her in his shirt pocket to keep her steady.

Debra Jordan
Rio Linda, California


Falalalalalalalala is our cat's full name. My overly enthusiastic children, who got her as a Christmas gift, gave it to her.

Nancy Lynn Jarvis
Santa Cruz, California

Pip and Squeak

When I brought home my two Chihuahuas, they looked like pip-squeaks compared to my Australian shepherd!

Susan Williams
Lugoff, South Carolina


We first thought our kitty was a female so we named her Zoe. It was quite a surprise when he wound up being male. Instead of changing his name entirely, we just added "Bob" at the end.

Becky Greenwood
Nashville, Tennessee


When we got our Chihuahua-dachshund mix, a neighbor's young daughter came over and asked, "Can I name your dog please?" So we did! (And when we brought home a German shepherd a while later, we just had to name him Danke Schoen -- German for "thank you.")

Debbie Gallagher Smith
Painesville, Ohio


When I first got my kitten, I tried giving her a number of different names, but she didn't respond to any of them. One evening I was watching a documentary on Bernie Madoff, and the reporter kept saying "ponzi." That was finally the word that got my cat's attention.

Gaby Jimenez
Simi Valley, California

Chairman Mao

I have a wiry old black cat whom we named Chairman Mao because he's a grumpy little thing. When we found out that "mao" means "cat" in Mandarin, we realized that we'd really named him Chairman Cat -- perfect!

Lisa Voisin
Vancouver, British Columbia


I figured that my boyfriend named his dog Vinyl because he's a musician. I was sort of right: He came up with the name because she's black on the outside and white in the middle, like a vinyl record.

Pamela Capalad
Brooklyn, New York


My husband and I had just written a guidebook to Jamaica when our dog died. We were heartbroken until we adopted another pup from a shelter. So we named her Irie, which is a Jamaican patois word that means "all's good." And it was!

Paris Permenter
Austin, Texas


We were trying to think of a name for our new cat, who is now 10 years old, and he ignored us until we started saying "psst psst" to call him over. It stuck!

Lacey Brown
Mason City, Iowa

Taco Belle

When our brand-new cat tried to run out the kitchen door, my son yelled "Help! The cat just made another run for the border!" "That's it!" said my daughter. "Her name should be Taco Belle."

Barbara Denzer
Azusa, California


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