Last-Chance Babies

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Colleen Kavney

Colleen Kavney, 44

Alpharetta, Georgia

Gave birth to Katie and Michael at 42

When Colleen Price filled out a profile on in March 2005, she hedged, checking the "not sure" box when asked about children. The truth? She was dying to become a mom but, at 38, knew her fertility was dwindling. She'd need to find a partner who also wanted kids -- but who wasn't pursuing that goal by dating only younger women. What were the chances?

As it turned out, Mike Kavney was just that kind of a guy. He and Colleen met online, fell in love, and married in March 2007. But the baby they both wanted did not follow. After spending 18 months trying to conceive, Colleen, then 41, and Mike, then 40, decided to see a reproductive specialist. The tests showed that Colleen didn't have many eggs left, and the ones she did have were no longer high quality. That meant that it would probably be very hard for her to get pregnant, their doctor explained, and if she succeeded, there would be a high risk of miscarriage or birth defects. "It felt like a big smack in the face," Colleen says.

Instead of taking those kinds of chances, the Kavneys decided on IVF using Mike's sperm and eggs donated by a younger woman. The idea of donor eggs definitely took some getting used to, but Colleen was overjoyed that she'd be able to experience a pregnancy. She found herself looking for another match, this time with a 23-year-old egg donor. Twins Katie and Michael arrived nine months after the first IVF, and the Kavneys were thrilled.

At 42, Colleen expected to be pegged as "the older mom." To her surprise that didn't happen -- many other new parents in town were her age, too. And having twin infants was exhausting, for sure, but younger moms seemed just as sleep-deprived. Another surprise? Being constantly told that Katie looks just like her, even though they aren't biologically related. "I just smile and say, 'Thank you,'" Colleen says.

The fact that she was single and child-free in her 30s makes it easier for her to be a mom now, Colleen believes, since she never wonders about what she's missing out on. "We were just so ready for our family," she says, "and we hit the jackpot with a girl and a boy!"

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