Why Family Game Nights Are a Must

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We've Got Game

LHJ readers spill their favorite group games.

"We bought Cranium as a gag gift one spring when my eldest cousin, Gary, had brain surgery. A few months later we broke it out. Little did we know, Gary, who'd stayed home all summer to recuperate, had used the time to memorize all of the trivia cards!"
-- Tiffany Wen, Newark, Delaware

"Balderdash is a big hit in our family -- you dream up fake definitions for words and try to convince your competitors that they're real. It's hysterical to hear what everyone comes up with and it's good for any age, as long as players are old enough to read and write."
-- Melissa Kelly, Baltimore, Maryland

"We're obsessed with Scrabble, and we always play it with the same music on in the background -- Rocky Horror and Frank Zappa -- to cause distraction, dancing, and singing. A miniature version of Scrabble goes with us on trips. Our kids are in their 20s now and they still love it!"
-- Susan Kille, Brooklyn, New York

"My kids and I love Wii Sports Boxing. You can blow off steam together and have a great workout -- a fantastic way to lose weight without having to go to a gym!"
-- Kit Chau, Short Hills, Jersey

"My family's favorite is a do-it-yourself version of Pictionary. Everyone writes words and phrases down on paper and puts them into a decorated coffee can. After an idea is played, we toss it. Keeps the game fresh!"
-- Natalie Gialluca, Astoria, New York

"We play charades after dinner. My four kids are now 25 to 34, but we still do it -- in fact, we just roped in my son-in-law. I love that you can tailor the game to any age -- acting out children's book titles and Disney movies is just as much fun for everyone as more-adult words and phrases."
-- Brigid Devery, Arlington Heights, Illinois

"Our family does American Idol-style karaoke by using a mix tape or putting the iPod on "shuffle." Each person has to sing along with whatever song comes up, and the last person judges the performances. Then we rotate. Hilarious!"
-- Amanda McCracken, Toledo, Ohio

Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, February 2009.


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