Crime-Proof Your Kids

In case of emergency, teach your child these safety basics.
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Know where your child is at all times. In addition, learn her friends' last names and record their addresses and telephone numbers.

Always carry a recent photo of your child, regardless of her age, in case a search becomes necessary. Take new color photos every six months, from different angles.

Consider having your child fingerprinted by local law enforcement (the service is usually free), and store the prints in a safe place. Professionally done fingerprints can be helpful in identifying a child who is unconscious or can't speak for herself.

Be sure your child knows:

  • His full name, address and telephone number, as well as your full name. Teach him never to reveal this information to anyone without your permission. The exception is when he is lost or in danger.
  • How and when to dial 911. Be sure your child understands what constitutes an emergency.
  • That bad people sometimes look nice and act friendly, and people on the Internet don't always tell the truth.
  • To keep the doors locked and windows closed, especially when she's home alone.

For more information on child safety, take's Safety Challenge.



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