Learning Guide: First Grade

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10 Ways Parents Can Help

  1. Read to your child every day for fun. Encourage her to read to you. Pronounce words she can't; don't let her labor over
    reading. Ask her to predict what she thinks will happen; then she'll look for information as she reads.
  2. Read non-fiction and how-to materials with your child (recipes, assembly instructions, etc.). Show her all the ways in which reading teaches you things about the world or helps you get things done.
  3. Help your child write letters. Make writing thank-you notes a regular responsibility, and take her to the post office to mail them.
  4. Obtain a library card for your child, in her own name. Visit the library often to check out books.
  5. Set aside a well-lit, comfortable place for her to work on projects, with ample paper and pencils, glue, scissors, and other materials.
  6. Display your child's art and writing prominently. Ask her to tell you about the work before you admire it; then comment on
    what you like, reaffirming what she likes.
  7. Play together with rulers, measuring cups, and yardsticks; have your child read off the measurements and record them.
  8. Explore concepts of time together. Help her move beyond merely telling time by posing questions (What time do you get up? What time would it be if you got up ten minutes later?).
  9. Talk about prices at the grocery store. Which item is more expensive? How many items can you buy for $1?
  10. Don't push your child to use the computer; she will quickly pick up all the computer literacy skills she needs in the
    classroom. Rather, set time limits on any computer use at home.

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