Learning Guide:Second Grade

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In the Classroom

Teachers show students how to...

  • Deepen their ability to read with fluency; begin to read for information. Read more complex stories and books.
  • Unlock the meaning of longer words by understanding how words are constructed -- root words, prefixes, suffixes, and
  • Arrange events in order; summarize a reading selection.
  • Alphabetize according to two or more letters.
  • Write on a variety of topics and in a variety of genres (fiction; non-fiction; how-to; poems).
  • Use hundreds, tens and ones to show place value; recognize fractions.
  • Add and subtract two-digit numbers.
  • Solve word problems using addition and subtraction; use charts and graphs to answer questions.
  • Measure money, time, length, weight/mass; tell time to the nearest five minutes.
  • Classify objects, plants or animals; use scales and balances, thermometers.
  • See more about the people in their world, recognize how their neighborhood is made up of individuals who do a variety of
    jobs and interact in a number of ways.

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