Learning Guide:Second Grade

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7 Ways You Can Help

  1. Talk to your child about events, ideas, and stories. Start the morning with a conversation about what each of you expects; make dinner conversation a recap of the day.
  2. Play car word games: Find letters of the alphabet (in order) on license plates; keep a list of the states.
  3. Play math games at restaurants (or at home, with take-out menus!): Take turns being customer and waiter. Have the
    customer estimate the cost of the meal while the waiter figures the exact amount.
  4. At the store, ask your child to estimate costs. "I have $5 to buy apples, bananas and lemons. How many can I buy of each?"
  5. Make flash cards to help your child with math.
  6. Have your child create a chore chart; have him check chores off as he completes them.
  7. If you can share the computer with your child at home, look for the kinds of activities that he is not likely to encounter in school. Don't focus on word games; instead, introduce him to the Internet as a place where his hobbies and interests can be enriched. If whales fascinate him, check out whale websites together, or find the answers to questions he asks: What is the tallest building in the world? Why doesn't the sky fall down?

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