50+ Travel Tips and Tricks

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Making Travel More Pleasant

  • If there is any way to manage it, bring your own pillows.
  • Always have a travel alarm as a backup for the wake-up call service.
  • Premeasured packets of laundry detergent (available at camping supply stores) make it convenient to wash T-shirts and underwear in a hotel sink.
  • Don't focus solely on getting to your destination. Be willing to investigate intriguing possibilities that arise en route.
  • Attach bright tape to your bags so they're easy to spot when grouped with strangers' bags.
  • When you arrive at your hotel, unpack immediately. Hang wrinkled items in a steamy bath to freshen. (Always pack several plastic hangers for contingencies like this.)
  • Carry a couple of energy bars to snack on during layovers or long drives.
  • Pack a nightlight or leave the hotel bathroom light on. This will avoid bumped shins if you need to get up in the middle of the night.
  • To minimize ear-popping discomfort on plane trips, chew gum during descents. If you have a young child who experiences severe ear pain, ask your pediatrician about a decongestant. Feeding a baby, by breast or bottle, can help reduce their ear pain.
  • Carry a few spring-type clothespins to secure bulky shower curtains or to pin together drapes that don't close completely.
  • Never go anywhere without a small notebook and a pencil. You never know when you'll want or need to write something done -- directions, a phone number, a special store you want to return to.

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