Dinosaurland, UT

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Larger Than Life

The Utah Field House of Natural History
Museum copyright Dinosaurland Travel Region

First, bone up on local geology, natural history, and paleontology at The Utah Field House of Natural History Museum in Vernal. But don't miss the real attraction outside in the Dinosaur Gardens -- 18 life-size dinosaurs.

Relax! They're not real.

Besides the usual Jurassic "headliners" -- Tyrannosaurus rex (better known as T-rex), Stegosaurus, and Protoceratops -- Dino Gardens also features some up-and-comers: the petite Coelophysis (SEE-loh-FYE-sis), a Triassic carnivore; the Diplodocus (di-PLOD-I-cus), one of the longest Jurassic dinosaurs; and the state's most ferocious creature, the Utahraptor (u-TAH-rap-tore), complete with sickle-like claws.

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