The Reality TV Guide to Finding Your Soul Mate

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It's a Family Affair

Whether you're dating on reality TV or in real life, there's nothing more important than making a good impression on your potential mother-in-law. The arrival of the parents signifies how serious your reformed bachelor is when it comes to finding the girl of his dreams -- even if you two were indulging in body shots of tequila the night before. On the flipside, it's best not to become buddy-buddy with your reality TV beau's mom. Crimson-haired Playboy Playmate Christi made this crucial mistake on My Antonio when she made a secret pact with Antonio's overbearing mother Yvonne to spy on the other eligible bachelorettes. Donning a wedding dress fit for a princess at a faux wedding ceremony, Christi was ousted at the altar by Yvonne, who used their secret correspondence as a reason to give the busty redhead the boot. Learn from Christi's mistakes and always remember that his mother knows best -- unless she's trying to throw you under the bus.

Have a Lip-Locking Good Time

If you're a germaphobe in real life, then a reality TV dating show might not be the best place for you to meet your future hubs. On any given night, these eligible hunks are smooching multiple ladies. This means your potential soul mate might lock lips with a few of your fellow contestants before he lays a wet one on you. The number of germs floating around on these shows might irk, you but don't let your bachelor know you're fazed. With such a short amount of time to get acquainted, your cootie-filled first kiss is essential if you want to stick around and go all the way -- in both the literal and figurative sense. So bring some economy-sized bottles of Listerine, and pucker up for your Prince Charming.

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