Decoding Guy-Speak

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Still More Guy-Speak

What He Says: "I need some space." What He Could Mean: "I'm about to break up with you" or "I've realized that I'm crazy about you and it's freaking me out." What You Should Ask: Nothing. Give him his space, and let him figure it out.

What He Says: "My children are very important to me, and I need to be with a woman who understands that." What He Could Mean: "My children are my first priority." What You Should Ask: "Can you imagine a woman being your top priority while you're still raising your children?"

What He Says: "You're not a feminist, are you?" What He Could Mean: "I'm threatened by the fact that you don't act like a complete doormat." What You Should Ask: "Do you have a problem with independent women?"

What He Says: "You remind me of that girl from Sex and the City." What He Could Mean: "... and I'm really hoping you share her same liberal attitude about casual sex." What You Should Ask: "What do you think of that character?"

What He Says: "How long ago was your last relationship?" What He Could Mean: "Please give me your entire relationship resume, so I can determine if you're a worthy candidate." What You Should Ask: "Why is that important to you?"

What He Says: "I just want to be friends." What He Could Mean: "I don't find you attractive anymore." What You Should Ask: "Would you kindly remove your stuff from my apartment?"

What He Says: "You look great in that dress." What He Could Mean: "The party started half an hour ago, can we please leave already?" What You Should Ask: "Are you just saying that to get me out the door?"

Special thanks to the honest fellows at the Web site for divulging what guys might really be saying.


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