Long-Lasting Love

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More Words of Wisdom from Long-Time Couples

He always thinks of me first which helps to keep our romance alive. We also talk things out and do everything together. We even make the bed together in the morning. --Patricia P., married 56 years

Love each other, of course. You also need trust, patience, and lots and lots of compromise. --Elaine K., married 41 years

Ever since we both retired, it seems we need a good explosion over a situation, whether major or minor, every so often. It clears the air and puts us back on track -- until the next time. --Frank S., married 40 years

Surviving a long marriage and working on it daily is like building a home over a long period of time. You add one piece at a time, and every piece has a different meaning. Even as the home gets old and creaky, you would never think of tearing it down or leaving it because of all the love and memories and emotions that belong to each piece. --Carol S., married 40 years

You have to respect the other person, and keep a sweet mouth. That is, always have something nice to say. --Mary S., married 55 years

Our secret to a long marriage? Hiring a good cleaning person. --Ted N., married 30 years

Saying "yes" a lot helps, of course, but after a long time together, I find we agree on so many things that saying yes gets easier as the years pass. --Peter F., married 34 years

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