Long-Lasting Love

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Still More Words of Wisdom

Do little things to show him you're thinking of him, even corny things like slipping a note in his coat pocket. I do that, but I don't call attention to it, because I wouldn't want him to feel bad about not doing the same things. You can't expect someone to love or care for you in the same way you love and care for them. He takes care of things around the house, and I see that as him loving me. --Michelle T., married 37 years

If your spouse asks you to do something, just do it, right then. It's easier to do that than it is to argue over it. --Frank S., married 40 years

Always be grateful to your spouse. And say so, often. --Anne B., married 28 years

Don't expect the lust to carry you through. It doesn't last, but friendship does. --Marianne S., married 40 years

Honestly, we've made it by having two different comforters on our bed. He's always warm, so he has a lighter one. I'm always cold, so I have a heavier one. Why fight over something so silly, when there's such an easy solution? --Amanda Y., married 23 years

We've always put each other first. If you don't do that, especially with children in the picture, you're lost. Your top priority is him, and his top priority is you. If you get that right, everything else will be fine -- your children will be fine, your home will run well, and you'll both feel loved and important. --Carol S., married 40 years


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