10 Ways to Be a Great Date

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3. Go with the flow. OK, so maybe the waiter is snotty, the chicken rubbery, and the table affords a grand view of the kitchen. Many mishaps happen on dates, but you'll make a far better impression if you simply roll with the punches than if you demonstrate your ability to discern a sub-par wine. "You're not severely compromising your principles if you don't speak out about mediocre service. It's not like you're nodding along and pretending you agree with racist opinions. You're just sucking it up and eating a lukewarm enchilada," says Harris.

4. Date as many men as possible. Once upon a time, a person had to rely on fate to get a date -- you needed to go to a party, or a meet someone at work, or find friends to fix you up. The Internet has changed all that. Now anyone with access to a computer can line up a full schedule of dates in no time. Sure, you want to be picky -- dating too many men can make you feel jaded and exhausted. But by subscribing to a dating service, and by going out with a lot of men, you'll naturally become more comfortable with the process. You'll also find that you'll lower the stakes. When you go out with a different man every week, you won't feel the pressure for each one to be the love of your life. So Scott didn't work out? Big deal -- you're seeing Brad next week.

5. Ask the questions he'll love to answer. What do you ask after you ask what he does for a living? Harris suggests asking him these knock-out follow-ups: "What are the questions people most ask you about your job? What are the most annoying questions? What are the ones you wish they'd ask?" Open-ended questions like "What made you decide to become an accountant?" or "What brought you to Chicago?" can help bring the conversation to a deeper level. However, Harris advises against contrived questions. "Don't ask 'Would you rather be a cloud or a grape?' It puts people on the spot and makes them feel like you're waiting for a certain answer," she says. You also want to avoid job-interview questions like "Where do you see yourself in five years?" The point is to make him feel comfortable, not put to the test.

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