10 Ways to Be a Great Date

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6. Give yourself "good-date karma." No matter how dismal a date is, always be polite and always stick it out until the end. After all, you don't want to get a reputation of being someone who mistreats men. "You never know -- he might have friends," says Harris. "And you might think, 'Well, he's a geek. Why would I like his friends?' But haven't you dated guys that you loved but hated his friends? It could work the other way too. There is such a thing as floating dating karma. If you're a good date, good dates will come to you in a nonlinear way."

7. Check your bill-paying etiquette. It's fine to split the bill, but don't whip out a calculator and tell him he owes more because he had the soup. It's also fine to let him pay -- you can always pay on the next date. However, you should never expect him to pay.

8. Leave your troubles behind. A first or second date is not the time to discuss your cheating ex-boyfriend, your alcoholic mother, or your psychotic boss. You don't have to whitewash your life, but you can be honest and self-deprecating without plunging into the darkest depths of your soul. "Telling the truth and complaining are different things. If you're miserable in your job and hate going every day, then that's not a good conversation. But if you say, 'Here's what's bothering me in my job, and here's what I want to do about it,' that is," says Harris.

9. Stay informed. If you've got a big date coming up, make a point to stay in tune with national events -- it will give you something to talk about after you've told each other how many brothers and sisters you have. "It's not that you have to study for your date -- if you never read the paper, you don't have to read every article in the business section -- but don't let this be the day you don't read the paper," says Harris. "You don't want to miss out on what could be a great conversation."

10. Wear something he'll love to touch. Skin-tight jeans, too-short skirts, and spilling cleavage can send a message that you're trying too hard, but a soft angora sweater or velvet tank top will make him yearn to come close. Harris says that on one of her first dates with her boyfriend she wore an angora sweater with velvet jeans. "He asked me if I deliberately wore something he'd be dying to touch," she said. "I told him that's exactly what I did."


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