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Jane Watkins, 32, and Darrin Dingman, 35, Miami, Florida. How We Met: "My husband was the tennis pro at my apartment complex. I had a crush on him, so I signed up for lessons. Then I found out he refused to date students." She dropped out so she could date him. How Long We've Been Together: Eight years. "We got married two years after we started dating, and just celebrated our sixth anniversary." We Confess: "We go kayaking once a month. We point out manatees, sharks, and pelicans, and then drop our little anchors and enjoy the sights while eating the lunch we brought. It is amazing how we both open up. For some reason, being on the water allows us to relax and let down our guards."

Amy Kowal, 29, and Paul Kowal, 32, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. How We Met: "A friend insisted on us meeting, and we've been together ever since." How Long We've Been Together: Nine years. "This September, we'll celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary." We Confess: "We hardly ever call each other by our given names. We have various nicknames -- Big H and Little H (Big Honey and Little Honey) are favorites. Another special thing we do is our 'pillow talk' time. When we crawl into bed after an exhausting day, we spend quiet time and simply chat about anything -- work, something that's bothering us. It might be 10 minutes or an hour -- and whoever nods off first, the other person doesn't get offended. Those minutes alone are cherished -- no phones, no puppy wanting to play -- just us."

Jody Jaffe, 50, and John Muncie, 56, Silver Spring, Maryland. How We Met: "We were fixed up by a friend. We clicked right away, and John started wooing me with e-mails since we lived in different cities (he Baltimore, me DC)." How Long We've Been Together: Five years, married last October. We Confess: "Since we've met we've written two mystery novels together -- Thief of Words and Ragspring Summer, [Spring 2004, Warner Books]. Our fun ritual is taking a 4-mile walk at a nearby park each morning when we discuss what's going to happen next in the book. Then we go home sweaty, relaxed and ready to write."

Arlison Hall, 37, and Patrick Hall, 32, Stafford, Virginia. How We Met: "When I turned 35, I decided that I was never going to meet Mr. Right, so I made plans to purchase a condo and adopt a child. It was a miserable day with movers, furniture delivery people, and phone workers in and out all day. I was exhausted. I was hot. I had no makeup on and my hair was piled on top of my head. Knock-knock at 3:35 p.m. I opened the door and there stood a vivacious, red-headed Irish guy ready to install my cable. Within five minutes, he asked me out. We went out two nights later." How Long We've Been Together: Two years. "We married this past August." We Confess: "Patrick had not had much of an opportunity to travel, and I worked for the Peace Corps for four years, so I have been all over the world. One of our rituals has been for him to join me on work trips at my current job [as public relations director for Share Our Strength] and [for us to] explore the cities together -- Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans, to name a few. We have also taken weekend trips to explore the local area. When it's just the two of us, the quiet time in the car is priceless. When Patrick's kids are with us, the loud time in the car is just as good."

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