Cute Couple Confessions

Do happy couples have the secret to successful relationships? Here are 10 joyfully married and partnered pairs and the rituals that keep their bonds strong.
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Creating Bonds

They finish each other's sentences at cocktail parties, bicker good-naturedly in the supermarket, and discuss travel plans quietly on the airplane. But have you ever wondered how these couples found each other -- and what keeps them together? Below, 10 couples discuss the many ways that they maintain their bond, whether it's by kayaking, writing mystery novels, playing with the kids, or just sharing a good cup of coffee in bed.

Jennifer Altman, 21, and Adam Clarin, 23, Plantation, Florida. How We Met: "We met while we were at the University of Florida. I was interning at the housing office and he was working there as a computer tech. The minute I saw him, I had a crush on him. I would always purposefully bump into him at work so I could chat with him. Finally, one day our coworkers said we needed to go on a date, so he drove me home from work. We've been together ever since." How Long We've Been Together: 2 years, with plans to get married next year We Confess: "We try to sit down once a week and watch a movie while rubbing the other's feet. Our foot massages are our secret -- his buddies would definitely give him a hard time about this if they found out! But it's the trade-off we make: he picks the movie and I get the foot rub. If he wasn't rubbing my feet during some of these movies, I'd fall fast asleep. The worst movie he made me watch was Tim Allen's Joe Somebody. I got a really great massage that night!"

Melissa Rubenstein, 31, and Daniel Levin, 32, Houston, Texas. How We Met: "We re-met at a wedding in California after attending the same Houston high school almost a decade earlier." How Long We've Been Together: Three and a half years. We Confess: "Each morning, my husband and I wake up at 5:30 a.m. even though we don't have to be at work until after 8. We use that time to sit in our matching pink pajamas and drink coffee and listen to Cat Stevens. By the time we start our workday, we are relaxed and wide awake."

Shana Peterson, 26, and Scott Keith, 28, Atlanta, Georgia. How We Met: "At a Super Bowl party." How Long We've Been Together: Three years. "He proposed to me this past February, and we plan to marry on May 1, 2004." We Confess: "Our big ritual is Sunday morning coffee. If one of us wakes up first, we dart to Dunkin Donuts, and bring back coffee for the other. This is actually how he proposed! He just got back from Dunkin Donuts and got down on his knee!"

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