How to Gift a Guy

Helpful gift ideas, no matter what phase your relationship's in.
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Symbolic Gestures

Present-presenting is a challenge no matter who the recipient is. But when it's a guy you're gifting, your relationship may hang in the balance -- or at least it may feel that way. "Guys don't like to think they're having a relationship, and they don't ponder its intricacies when you're not around," says Dr. Kate Wachs, author of Relationships for Dummies. "We women, on the other hand, start daydreaming and even picture the future until often there are two relationships -- the one in our heads, and the real one." Buy a gift that reflects the real relationship, she says. And think of the things he wants, not the things you wish he'd want. Here are some further fail-safes to help you along the way.

Guy-Gift Category #1: Your Crush When you've got your eye on someone and you want to give him the green light to ask you out, a gift can be a great way to get his attention. But what kind of attention do you want to get? You want to hit the proper note of mysterious and sexy, without coming off as a one-night stand. Tantalizing, not trampy.

So instead of a red mesh thong, give him a gift that implies sophistication with just a hint of naughtiness, such as a mini bottle of fine Scotch or a Dominican cigar -- the kind of thing that makes it clear you think of him as a man.

Or maybe you want to appeal to the friendship you already have, but bump it up a notch. "You want to send up a flare that will surprise him into thinking about you in a different way from how he already does," says Dr. Wachs. "So figure out how he sees you, and twist it slightly." You could burn a CD of songs you both like, with a couple sexy ones thrown in the mix.

Just stick to the middle ground between friend and Sex and the City's Samantha Jones. You want to start a relationship, not end it before the first date.

Guy Gift Category #2: The Guy You Just Started Dating So you've been on, say, three dates -- the sparks are flying, but you haven't had the "we're-going-steady" talk. And a gift occasion comes up. Danger, Will Robinson! Get this one wrong, and you can knock the whole train off the tracks. You don't want to startle your stud and make him run -- or give him the impression that he's The One when in fact you're still making up your mind! So keep things light and friendly.

A gift that's thoughtful, not stalk-ful, is one that takes up the thread of communication you've established and takes it one stitch further. Give him a book you think he'd like, based on a conversation you've had with him. Bake him some cookies. This gesture says you're nurturing and low-key, and implies that in addition to the lips he's been kissin', you've got some home-and-hearth potential.

The note you want to hit is, "I like where we're at and want to keep it going, but I'm not trying to get my claws into you or anything." Can be tough, but if he's a cool guy, he'll get the message. (If not? Good riddance.)

Guy Gift Category #3: Your Boyfriend The guy you know you'll be with on Saturday night and Sunday morning -- the steady boyfriend who lights up your life -- deserves a special something. "You want to pick something that shows you know him," Dr. Wachs advises. "Think like him, but don't overdo the togetherness thing." The key here is to be the only person who understands a particular part of him -- making him cherish you all the more.

"What's his secret goal?" she asks. "Does he have an old hobby that he wishes he hadn't dropped?" Get a wannabe pilot a beginner's flying lesson, or a guy with an unpublished novel a book about breaking into publishing, or a frustrated guitarist tickets to see B.B. King. You're telling him "I know who you really are, and I support that."

Just don't give him anything that makes him feel trapped by you. A romantic weekend away can backfire. This is supposed to be fun for him.

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