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5 More Things Women Want Men to Know

6. Engaging you in a lively debate doesn't mean we're trying to change your mind...except when it does, says Shana, a mom in Queens, New York. Seriously, we like a good argument. The friendly fights over world issues between a die-hard conservative and a liberal mate can be some of the best -- that is, most passionate -- moments.

7. We want to know enough about your ex to know that she's not a threat, says Karen, a single woman in Washington DC. "If you never say word one, I'll worry that things are still raw -- but I don't want all the gooey details either." In other words, we want the Cliffs Notes version of your breakup, plus one damning detail that will make us feel secretly superior.

8. Don't go for the obvious spots on the body; take a trip around them and see what happens, says Mary, a single woman in Manhattan. We like the obvious zones as much as the next girl, but exploring a woman everywhere shows that (a) you know that all women are different, (b) you want to get to know every inch of her, and (c) you want to know what makes her, in particular, say, "Oooh!"

9. Taking care of something that's been hanging over our heads and making us miserable is worth 10 orgasms, says Susan, a mom in Newton, Massachusetts. One woman knew that the guy she was dating was a keeper when he surprised her by flattening and recycling all the empty boxes that were driving her nuts.

10. We actually do want to know if something makes us look fat. Just maybe not in so many words. Saying, "That's fine, but I think you look really great in the green dress," gets you major, major points. Not that we're counting.


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