Most Romantic Valentine's Day Ever

Take inspiration from white-hot (or not!) Valentine's memories.
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Add Some Spark

Karen and Andrew
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Karen and Andrew

A Feast of Love "When my husband Andrew was a restaurant chef, I spent years as a Valentine's Day 'widow' while Andrew cooked for other men's dates. As restaurant insiders, we knew that February 14 was the single busiest night of the year, making it hard to get a great meal, let alone a reservation. A few years back, he launched his own catering company which gives him much more flexibility (e.g., being able to say "no" to Valentine's Day gigs, so we can be together at long last!). Now, we primarily write books full-time and have much more flexibility.

"This year, instead of going out for dinner, we had our most romantic Valentine's Day ever by going out for a romantic four-hour lunch instead. We turned it into a daylong celebration by seeing a double feature afterward, then (instead of fighting the crowds!) relaxing at home that night with a split of Moet & Chandon champagne and chocolate." -- Karen Page, 41, New York, New York


Trail Blazer "I work nights. So the night before Valentine's Day, my wife put on a sexy evening outfit before she went to bed. Then she placed small chocolate hearts at the front door, through the living room, and into the bedroom. When I got home, I followed my wife's candy trail, picking up each individual heart and smiling the whole way. Seeing her snuggled under the covers in the bed, I tiptoed back into the living room. An hour later, her alarm went off and she entered the living room to find me with one of those darn hearts in my mouth. That's when I saw what she was wearing! I missed the whole idea and went for the candy! She smiled at me, gave me a good-morning kiss, and told me next time she'd leave directions." -- John Hall, 38, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Perfect Recovery "A couple of years ago I was very sick on Valentine's Day -- I had just had my tonsils removed. My fiance (now husband), Gabriel, had planned a big fancy dinner, but since I was recovering from surgery he had to make new plans. The week of Valentine's Day he bought me a card every single day, and he waited on me hand and foot while I recovered at my parents' house." -- Tara Brown, 22, Indianapolis, Indiana

Liz Kelly
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Liz Kelly

Animal Instincts "My sexiest V-Day date was swimming with the dolphins in the Florida Keys. My guy surprised me with this sexy new experience and the sparks flew all day!" -- Liz H. Kelly, 41, Santa Monica, California

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