Most Romantic Valentine's Day Ever

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Romance Rev-Up Tips

How do you keep the sparks flying in your own relationship? Rob Frankel, creator of PillowMail, a service that helps couples write steamy letters and stories for each other, offers his advice:

  • Build anticipation. Frankel recalls the time that he told a girlfriend a week in advance that he was going to give her a very special Valentine's Day. "I gave her instructions on how to prepare. I told her she needed a rusty key, a windbreaker, a good night's sleep. A lot of the things were red herrings, just to throw her off. I told her I'd pick her up at 4 a.m. I took her to a hot-air balloon where we went for a ride and watched the sun rise. It was fantastic!" The fun, says Frankel, came not so much from the ride itself -- though that was amazing -- but in all the excitement that he built up the week before.
  • Get out of your element. Lots of us think that the best way to put some spark back into a relationship is to take an expensive vacation to Paris or the Bahamas. But most of us can find whole new worlds just by getting in the car for an hour. "If you're a beer-and-sandwich couple, make an effort to go to the art district of your city. Now you're strangers in a strange land and that will really get your blood going. Realizing how different everyone else around you is will emphasize how similar you two are, and that goes a long way," says Frankel.
  • Unplug your life. Staying connected with your spouse is increasingly difficult with so many distractions. Many people complain that children makes intimacy more difficult, but Frankel believes that technology is an even bigger culprit. "The minute you get together, life works hard at breaking you apart -- cell phones, pagers, television, Internet. You find you lose that special time together," he says. To reclaim it, Frankel says that at least once a month you should take a 24-hour period where you turn off all the powered appliances in your house. "You really don't have to go away to a tropical island," he says. "You can stay at home and keep the TV off and not answer the phone. Then you'll get back to the fun you used to have."



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