10 Unique Ways to Enjoy Your Partner

Tired of renting DVDs all the time? Here are 10 ways to have fun with your partner without going to the movies, eating out, or watching the latest DVD.
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Live It Up

We all get into relationship ruts. And that's a good thing. If you and your sweetie prefer hunkering down for a night in front of the TV rather than going out on the town, chances are you're enjoying a cozy and trusting relationship. You're relaxed -- no longer scanning for signs of trouble. But after a while, doing the same old thing day after day begins to feel like a good habit gone sour. That's when you know it's time to try something new. But what? Here are some terrific tips to spice up your routines.

#1 Get a transportation tune-up.

Most days Salli Rasberry, an artist and writer, and hubby Michael Eschenbach, a custom home builder, tool around their hometown in Florida in their sensible vehicles. She's got the car; he drives a big truck. But when they take a vacation, Michael often insists on renting a motorcycle or scooter. "This changes everything. I end up loving snuggling up behind him and holding on tight," says Salli. "It's less expensive than a car and far more thrilling."

Another time they saw a sign advertising ultralight flights (think lawn mower with wings), which really appealed to Michael but frightened Salli. "I watched him survive the trip and decided to go up myself," she says. "It was both terrifying and exhilarating. I got to soar along the coastline, feel the adrenaline coursing through me. Michael and I reminisce about our flight from time to time, so it was an adventure that lasted."

#2 Be a bird brain.

On their last road trip, novelist Robin Beeman and her husband discovered bird-watching definitely isn't as dull as it sounds. "We planned our last vacation to go to a place with great birding -- southeast Arizona -- and there we met many couples who love the way that it brings a goal and a focus to any trip," says Robin. One man confided that museums bored him, but he never tires of spotting a new bird. "You can start anywhere with a pair of binoculars and a bird book," adds Robin. "Birding combines the thrill of the chase with a chance to be together outside, leading you to wonderful places you'd never go otherwise."

#3 Get wet.

A Boston-area couple with two kids and a home in the suburbs enlivened their relationship recently by taking a white-water rafting in Riviere Rouge in Quebec. There was lunch and a guide and people from around the globe. "We laughed, got wet, and had a great time together," remembers Cree. "And it was invigorating to be using your body. And kind of scary. That night at dinner, even though we were physically tired, we felt good, and we laughed in a way we hadn't in a long time."

#4 When sprawled on the couch, remember to touch.

Jennifer, a stay-at-home mom (with an active 2-year-old,) and her busy computer programmer husband, always look forward to a quiet evening watching the latest DVD. "But last week it occurred to us that maybe we could actually sit next to each other and hold hands. Shocking! I know!!" says Jennifer. Sometimes a bit of mindfulness and a small change can make all the difference.

#5 Take dance lessons.

Ballroom dancing may not be your thing, but what about water dancing? Couples dance together in warm pools. In other exercises, you lie on your back while your partner moves you around the pool in a series of languid, choreographed moves. Sounds divine. Check out what's available in your area.

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