Are You Boring in Bed?

Hey, we can't all be Samantha Jones, but we can have fun trying!
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Boring or Bored in Bed

Do you harbor a secret worry that you're not quite up to snuff in the doin'-it department? You're not alone. With all the media focus on sexual gratification, from sex-soaked TV shows to Viagra ads to pop stars prancing around in lingerie in prime time, a gal could get a serious inferiority complex. "Am I drrrty enough?" you might be asking. And if the answer seems to be "nooo," it's time for a titillation tune-up.

"I was such a bore when I first got married," says Erica, 45, of Brooklyn, New York. "Partly it was because I was nervous, young, and self-conscious. But when I discovered the joy of vibrators, my husband was too threatened to let them into bed with us -- his attitude dampened my sexy spirits. That was the beginning of the end for us."

For Erica, a boring sex life was the direct result of bad communication. She was too nervous to explore what turned her on, and her husband was equally dudly (not studly) in his inability to reassure and encourage her. The result? A marriage that went out not with a bang, but a whimper.

If you suspect you're leaving your lover feeling bored, don't give up hope -- there's help on the way!

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