Find Your G-Spot

How to get the most out of your love-making experience.
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Is your G-spot as elusive as the Holy Grail? It could be that you're looking in the wrong place, suggests sex educator Lou Paget, best-selling author of The Big O (Broadway Books, 2001).

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Communicate needswith your partner.

The G-spot is a dime-size area of tissue -- when stimulated, it can enlarge to the size of a quarter -- located three or four inches inside the vagina just above the pubic bone. Since it's galvanized by a different set of nerves than the highly excitable clitoris, you're unlikely to feel it unless you're already aroused.

Your search is most likely to succeed if you choose intercourse positions that push the front abdominal area forward:

  • Female superior with the woman facing her partner creates an angle for his penis to move against the G-spot.
  • If you prefer to lie on your back, elevate your hips with a pillow, and place your heels on your mate's shoulders or in the crook of his elbow.
  • Rear entry is especially good for women who have delivered vaginally since the vagina is more flexible.


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