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30 ways to reconnect with your sexual self -- fast.
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Get Back That Lovin' Feeling

If you feel like you've lost touch with the part of you that couldn't wait to get in bed with your sweetie, you're not alone: More than half of all women say they don't have enough time to make love with their partner. Here are 30 ways even the time-pressed can rekindle the flame.

Romantic Reminders

For most women, one of the fastest ways to rev up sexually is to be romantic. To bring back the fun, remember marriage is good for sex. New research suggests that a woman's sexual satisfaction increases when she feels a sense of commitment in marriage.

  • Visit a place that's special to the two of you. Go to the restaurant where you had your first date, or stop by the spot where he proposed and reminisce, suggests Gregory J.P. Godek, author of 1001 Ways to Be Romantic (Sourcebooks Trade, 1999).
  • Do something sweet for him. Wipe the snow off his windshield or open the paper to his favorite section. "Little things that make him feel special can make you feel romantic, too," says Godek.
  • Play Twenty Questions. Try this get-intimate game: On pieces of paper, write down categories -- such as teenage years, morals, love, and sex -- and put them in a bowl. Take turns drawing a category and asking each other a related question. For example, if you draw morals, ask him if he'd ever blow the whistle on a cheating friend. "You can build romantic intimacy by getting to know new things about your partner," says Godek.
  • Take risks together. You don't have to bungee jump, but definitely try something new a deux. "Trying something together is a bonding experience," Godek says. "Plus, you'll see each other's first reactions, which will remind you of why you fell in love."
  • Go on a mystery date. Ask a friend to plan an entire date for you from start to finish. "This will get you out of the what-to-do rut," explains Cyndi Haynes, co-author of 2002 Romantic Ideas (Adams Media, 1998). It doesn't matter if she sends you to a quilting fair, either. "Doing something unexpected is almost always fun. If nothing else, you can laugh about it together."

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