Send Your Sex Life to Summer Camp

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What's Out There?

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Relationship education classes run the gamut from day- or weekend-long retreats, to full-on courses that require homework and offer months of follow-up. There are even longer getaways that combine serious workshop activities with a nice vacation (think: cruises, resorts). A bit of Internet digging turned up one promising-sounding trip called "Soul Healing Love Caribbean Cruise." Imagine participating in classes like "Money and Marriage" or "Spiritual Intimacy" between exotic ports-of-call.

There are also, inevitably, sex-education workshops, that promise mind-blowing orgasms in a weekend. Web sites are loaded with testimonials from couples such as "Our best sex ever! We can't wait to come back!" (No pun intended.) Most of these are not for the faint-of-heart, but, thankfully, most are done in both good taste and good humor.

For example, self-proclaimed sexpert Lou Paget (, author of How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure (Bantam Doubleday Dell, 2000), offers sex workshops, but usually just for single-sex groups. Others are offered by couples. A series of tantric sex workshops offered by a couple in Canada ( promise not only to pump up your sex life by teaching the principles of tantric sex (an Eastern, spiritual approach to deepening sexual pleasure and increasing orgasmic pleasure), but also to "open your body, your mind, and your heart to love." The best kind of sex workshop will not just be about titillation and techniques, but about learning more about what turns each other on -- and that involves, not surprisingly, enhanced communication.

If you are considering signing up for a sex workshop with your partner, find out as much as you can beforehand about what the classes will entail. Steer clear of anything that makes you uncomfortable, such as explicit group talk, nudity, or sex toys. The idea should be to enhance sex not just for the sake of mind-blowing orgasms, but to improve and strengthen your relationship, too.

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