Your Body and the Bedroom

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She Says...

  • My husband says he'd rather have two great kids than a wife with a flat stomach. But I hate the way my stomach looks. Sometimes when we make love, he pulls me on top of him. He thinks this should excite me like it used to, but my stomach just hangs there, and it makes me sick. I look the best these days lying flat on my back. Even then I could take most sex -- and leave it!
  • Why does he get so angry when I ask, 'Do you still think I'm as sexy as I used to be?' Do I really look that bad? There's this man at work that always flirts with me. He doesn't know how tempting it's becoming.
  • We're both on Weight Watchers, and he's absolutely obsessive. What if he finds out that I've become a closet eater?
  • I tell him I love his 'love handles,' but the truth is: ugh!
  • We've dated a month, and I know he's going to want to make love the next time we're together. What excuse can I make so he doesn't stay over and see what I look like naked in daylight?
  • He thinks I should be turned on even though he comes to bed smelling like a cowboy. Why do men think they can come to bed like such slobs, but their wives will go into raptures over the sight of an erection?

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