Your Body and the Bedroom

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He Says...

  • I'm wearing a T-shirt to bed these days. All this travel with no time for the gym put 15 extra pounds around my waist. I don't need her to see that. Maybe it wouldn't bother her, but it bothers me.
  • Why doesn't she understand that it doesn't make a bit of difference if she is 10 pounds overweight? I love her. Her constant talk about dieting and weight and the clothes she buys to try to look younger is a real turnoff. It reminds me of my crazy, narcissistic mother.
  • She really has put on a lot of weight. It's hard to get turned on.
  • She doesn't realize that the more she tells me about how fat her thighs are, the more I think, 'Well, you know what? I never thought about it, but you're right!' Now she's got me focusing on them.
  • She says she's on a diet, but that's baloney. She's really let herself go. It's hard to admire someone who can't admire herself enough to at least exercise a little.
  • She's thin and wouldn't miss an exercise class, but she's obsessed. Sometimes I think I'd be happier with someone 15 pounds overweight who lets herself relax once in a while.

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