Dirty Jobs: You Won't Believe What I Do for a Living!

By Patricia Curtis

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Pat Wicker, exterminator

What's Bugging Her

Pat Wicker, 49, region service manager for Orkin, San Antonio, Texas

Nearly 30 years ago Wicker started working in the office at her father's pest-control business. She got her license and has spent 15 years crawling under houses and peering into cracks and crevices to treat infestations.

Creepy Crawlers I see a lot of roaches, termites, mice, rats, ants, and spiders. I've been on calls where the roaches are really, really bad. Sometimes they're crawling up my leg or dropping on my head from the ceiling. It's pretty gross, but I've gotten used to it. You just wipe them off.

Here, There -- Everywhere We were called out to a home where an elderly couple had lived for years. When we arrived we saw roaches crawling on the counters and in the cabinets. They were in every room in the house, even in the couple's bed! There were mice droppings on the floor and on the furniture, too. Neither the man nor the woman could see well, and they didn't realize how bad it was.

The Upside of the Ick Most people really need help when they call us. Termites and other pests can do a lot of damage. Homeowners can't take care of the problem themselves -- we protect their most valuable possessions.

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