What to Do If You're Afraid of Being Fired

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Other Factors

Now let's say you are afraid of being fired for other reasons. Perhaps you made one too many mistakes, or your boss doesn't like you, or you are being discriminated against for reasons of sex, religion or whatever. If you haven't actually been fired "yet," try to find ways to overcome the situation that is threatening you. Can you transfer to a different department? Would a word with your manager help clear things up? Is there anything you can do to put things "right" or fix them? If not, and the threat of being fired is real, consider this:

  1. Keep a diary of all communications, verbal or otherwise, between yourself and others at your place of employment, including any discriminatory behavior or comments.
  2. If you are with a union, you might like to get advice now rather than leave it too late. For all you know, there may be something else you can do to save your job, especially if it is through discriminatory actions or unfair harassment. If you are not with a union, contact a legal professional or an employment professional to find out your rights. Even if you are fired, you do have rights. And when you are fired, you still have rights. Have you been unfairly dismissed? You can make a claim if you have. You are also entitled to a settlement payout if you have been fired, so make sure you receive all your entitlements. If you can, find someone "friendly" to give you a good, written reference before you leave.
  3. If you are not that happy where you are, update your resume and start looking for a new job. You might consider doing this anyway, particularly if your dismissal has been unpleasant and you have been awarded your job back again... you may find the "after" treatment not much of an improvement on the "before" treatment.

Terri Levine is the President of Comprehensive Coaching U -- The Professional's Coach Training Program, a popular Master Certified personal and business coach, sought-after public speaker, and author of Work Yourself Happy and Coaching for an Extraordinary Life.


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