Sleeping Beauty

By Patricia Reynoso

A little night magic is all you need to have more lustrous hair and dewier skin when you rise and shine.

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closeup of model sleeping vertically
Marlena Bielenska


Tonight's Tips for Terrific Hair Tomorrow

Shampoo at Night
Shampooing before turning in for the night gives your hair time to absorb your scalp's natural oils, which may help most hair types hold their style the next day. In the morning straight-haired types should rewet their locks with a spray bottle and blow-dry, while the curly and frizz-prone should define and smooth their tresses with a curling or straightening iron.

Condition with Care
An overnight treatment delivers much-needed moisture to dry, damaged, or color-treated hair. "Overnight the penetration is deeper," says Gretchen Heber, of, who likes jojoba and avocado oils. Another option: one of the new spray conditioners that deposit a fine mist without leaving a residue. Finally, switch to a satin pillowcase, which Heber says is wonderful for preventing frizz.

Brush It Out!
Brushing your hair stimulates your scalp -- revving up its circulation, in turn feeding follicles -- and the evening hours are perfect for this ritual. The proper brush, ideally in a paddle style (so that it conforms to the scalp) with natural bristles (gentler on the hair than synthetic ones) is key. Try the Phillips Classic 1 All Boar Cushion Brush, $8.99.

Sneak-In Styling
"When we're awake we might not have time to style our hair," says Eliut Rivera, stylist and owner of Salon Eliut Rivera, in New York City. Or the patience! Rivera suggests that those with straight locks divide their just-dried hair into four sections and braid each loosely. In the morning, scrunch with gel. To smooth curly hair, Rivera favors the "hair wrap," in which freshly blown-out hair is smoothed and wrapped around the head with bobby pins. In the morning, take out the pins and arrange with your hands.

Sleep Science
During the deep phases of the sleep cycle, your body creates new cells and repairs the free-radical damage inflicted by sunlight and the environment.

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