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The Pampering Pedicure

Swiping a few coats of color onto your toenails will do for everyday, but when you want to relax, try this routine.

What you need: Large bowl, whole milk, pumice stone or foot file, nail clipper and file, foot lotion, colored polish, base and top coat

Step 1: Remove all toenail polish.

Step 2: In the microwave, warm enough milk to fill the bowl. Don't allow the milk to get too hot; make sure it's a comfortable temperature on your skin.

Step 3: Fill the bowl with the warmed milk and place it on a towel on the floor, in front of a comfortable chair. Soak your feet in the warm milk for about 20 minutes. The lactic acid in whole milk does a wonderful job of exfoliating calluses.

Step 4: Move to the bathtub. Rinse feet, and use a pumice stone or foot file to gently smooth rough areas. Apply light pressure as you smooth; too much can make your skin raw.

Step 5: Rinse feet again and pat dry. Squirt a dollop of foot cream into your hand and rub palms together. Now, massage the cream into the sole and top of one foot. Close your eyes here, too, and focus on working out little kinks and giving gentle pressure to tender areas. Repeat on the other foot.

Step 6: Clip nails straight across. Then use a nail file to smooth rough edges. You may round the corners of your nails, but try to keep them as blunt as possible -- toenails that are too rounded can easily become ingrown.

Step 7: Use a cotton swab or tissue dipped in a bit of polish remover to clean any stray foot cream from nails.

Step 8: Apply a base coat. When dry, apply two coats of color, then a top coat. Settle in with a book or magazine while you give your nails at least half an hour to dry.

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