Look Better in the Buff -- in 14 Days!

20 ways to look slim, silky, and sexy in your birthday suit.
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2 Weeks Out

Clear from Head to Toe You're not the only one. Many adult women suffer from body acne. To get your skin clear in time for a big date, swear off the spandex at the gym, which traps sweat next to skin, and wear looser-fitting clothing. Also, wash with a salicylic acid-based cleanser, like Neutrogena Body Clear ($6.44), all over, especially on areas prone to breakouts.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate Drinks lots of water -- at least eight glasses a day -- to keep skin soft and clear. Try drinking one or two glasses of water with every meal or snack, and keep a large bottle on your desk at work. Staying hydrated will also help you feel more full -- which could help you slim down.


Firm Up Most experts agree that cellulite creams cannot permanently get rid of that dimpled skin 85 percent of us have. But some say they can make skin appear tighter in the short term with continued use. Clarins Body Lift Advanced Cellulite Control ($66) is a favorite among beauty junkies.

Rev Up Your Workouts If you don't already have an exercise routine, looking better naked should be just the motivation you need to start one. Cardiovascular exercise is essential, so commit to doing 20 to 30 minutes each day, three to five days each week. Add some strength training to the equation, too. Since you've only got two weeks, you may want to focus on one body part -- your arms, tummy, or glutes for example. Pick two or three exercises and dedicate yourself to doing three sets of each exercise every time you work out. How many repetitions you do and how much weight you lift should depend on your tolerance -- don't push yourself too hard. Remember the idea is to slowly build your strength, not force it to magically appear.

You Are What You Eat It's annoying but true, so stop with the doughnuts and coffee already! Studies have shown that good nutrition contributes as much to your mood as it does to your weight, so for these two weeks (at least) drop your junk food habit.

Take Care of Your Teeth Who's gonna wanna see you in the buff if they can smell your breath a mile away? Start a nightly dental regimen -- brush, floss, and use the strongest mouthwash you can stand. You might consider investing in an at-home teeth-whitening program, too. Most teeth-whitening programs last 14 days or less. These little details will go a long way toward creating a sexier smile.

Take Time for Yourself Stress shows on your face and in your body, so it's essential to find some relaxation time each day. Yoga is an excellent stress-reliever, not to mention wonderful exercise. So buy a video that you can follow in your home. Put on some comfy and loose-fitting clothes, hide away in a room of your own, light a scented candle, and relax as you settle in to the video. Follow the routine with a cup of green tea. The antioxidants are good for you, and the ritual of enjoying the tea will allow you to stay in your meditative yoga state for that much longer.

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