Look Better in the Buff -- in 14 Days!

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1 Week Out

Load Up on Fruits and Vegetables Start eating fruits and vegetables like they're going out of style, especially juicy citrus fruits. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice contain lots of antioxidants to keep your skin looking bright and healthy. Apples, dried apricots, cherries, grapes, kiwi, oranges, mango, melon, and raspberries are all excellent additions to your diet. Don't foget your veggies -- cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and carrots offer super antioxidant properties, too. Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast solution. Rolled oats are quite filling despite being low in calories. Fish like salmon and herring have essential oils that make your skin and hair healthier.

Foods to Avoid Take it easy on the salt. It will leave you and your skin feeling thirsty, and can make you feel bloated. This means watching your cheese intake, along with foods like pepperoni, bacon, and pork. Milk contributes to that bloated feeling too, so you may want to avoid it for a few days. Garlic is a no-no, especially the day or two before your big romantic event, as it will linger on your breath and in your pores. Sugar is another culprit to avoid because it produces a natural high, which also means there's a natural low. This is when you're at your most vulnerable to overeating. Finally, try to stay away from refined starches like cakes, biscuits, rolls, and soft white bread -- these foods will quickly turn to sugar in your body.

Don't Get Your Drink On Alcohol is a major source of calories -- one glass of red wine has almost 100 calories, and beer is even worse. So reduce your alcohol intake, if not cut it out altogether. This is not to say you can't celebrate on the big day with a glass of champagne, but do take it easy.

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