5 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Are you making these beauty faux pas?
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Stop! Before you make another beauty move, read our cheat sheet on the most common beauty mistakes -- and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Lining lips in dark liner. Very dark lip liner only works if you're wearing very dark lipstick. Otherwise, it leaves you with an obvious ring-around-the-lips. It also accentuates fine lines around the mouth.

Fix: Invest in a neutral-colored pencil that works with all lipstick shades.

Mistake #2: Not allowing your moisturizer to absorb before applying makeup. When powder, concealer, foundation, or blush is applied right over dewy moisturizer, it tends to slip and slide around your face.

Fix: Give your moisturizer ten minutes to sink in before putting on cosmetics.

Mistake #3: Picking a too-light concealer. Concealer's purpose is to hide dark areas on your face. If you pick one that's much lighter than your skin, you'll wind up calling more attention to the area you're trying to hide.

Fix: Buy concealer in a shade that matches your skin exactly or is one shade lighter.

Mistake #4: Attempting to contour. Trying to sculpt cheekbones with brown powder usually backfires, making the feature you're trying to hide more noticeable. Plus, all that brown powder looks a lot like dirt on your face!

Fix: Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks for the most natural look. The color will highlight the round part of your cheek, naturally making the hollow underneath more pronounced.

Mistake #5: Wearing too-bright makeup colors. Bold pinks and oranges can look great for special occasions, but for every day, they're harsh and they age your skin.

Fix: Choose a neutral makeup palette, based on browns, roses, and beiges. These tones work for all skin colors and give a glowing -- not garish -- look.


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