Beauty Blunders -- Solved!

10 tips on how to cope if you make a beauty mistake.
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Wrong Lipstick Shade and Fried Hair

Q: I have been searching for the perfect nude lipstick and thought I found it in the drugstore. But when I got it home, the shade looked terrible on my skin! Is there any way to salvage it?

A: Drugstores are great places to buy cosmetics. The prices are cheap, they offer a wide range of brands and shades, and they're less intimidating than a department store counter. But the downside is that you can't try on colors, so you risk ending up in the predicament you describe. The good news is that you probably can salvage your lipstick purchase! Here's how:

  • Become a cosmetics artist. Professional makeup artists rarely use one lipstick shade on its own. Instead, they mix two or more colors to create the perfect effect. You can do this in several ways: Apply your "off" lipstick first, and add another color on top. Reverse and apply a deeper shade first, then top with the not-quite-right shade. Or blend a few colors on the back of your hand until you achieve a good result, then apply the newly mixed shade with a lip brush. Try blending your nude with a berry or deeper brown color to make it work for you.
  • Alter the shade with lip liner. Wearing your nude lipstick with a colored lip liner can also change its shade for the better. Experiment with a red, salmon, or chocolate liner, applying it to the whole lip, and then slicking the lipstick on top.
  • Add some gloss. Perhaps your lipstick shade actually works with your skin tone, but its texture is what you find objectionable. In that case, try wearing lip gloss with a bit of shimmer over the lipstick to give it a sexier finish.

If you try the above ideas and you're still not happy with the lipstick shade, you have a final option: Return it. Many drugstores accept cosmetics returns, even if you've used a product. Check with a manager for your store's policy.


Q: The last time I was at the salon, my stylist used a flat iron to make my hair super straight and smooth. I loved the look so much, I bought one myself and have used it daily for two months. The problem is that now, my hair is dry, damaged, and brittle! How can I make my hair healthy again?

A: Flat irons give amazingly smooth effects, but they can cause serious damage and dryness. To help nurse your hair back to health, begin by getting a trim. Often, the ends show the most damage, and when trimmed off, locks look healthier immediately . Next, swear off daily shampoo, or switch to a shampoo designed for dry, damaged hair. Stock up on a rich, restorative conditioner, and use it daily, even when you don't shampoo. For extra moisture, use a weekly conditioning mask. Finally, go easy on heated appliances, including your flat iron and blow dryer. Both generate high heat, which causes damage to the hair. If you must use these appliances every day, keep them on the coolest settings and don't allow them to rest on one area of hair for more than a few seconds.

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