Fresh Makeup

Ten tips on how to wear up-to-the-minute makeup and look beautiful -- not trendy.
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1. Wear trends wisely. Allow yourself to be inspired by a trend instead of wearing it full-force, like models do on the runway.

2. Find great skincare. Believe it or not, your skincare products can cause your makeup to look gorgeous or ghastly. Experiment with cleansers and moisturizers until you find the ones that leave your skin soft and supple without too much greasiness. They'll make your skin a flawless canvas for makeup.

3. Get a perfect foundation match. Like skincare products, the right foundation -- one that matches your skin tone and texture exactly -- will provide a beautiful base for makeup. Splurge on custom-blended foundation for the best effect.

4. Have a fool-proof lipstick. A berry, rose, or brown shade is a no-fuss option when you want to look pulled-together without much effort.


5. Adapt funky looks. Sparkle eyeshadow, for example, may be in this season, but it's a very young look. You can get the same effect with a shimmer shadow in a trendy shade, which will look of-the-moment but age-appropriate, too.

6. Find your favorite feature. By now you know what it is. Play up this feature with color, and keep the rest of your face neutral.

7. Rely on lipliner. As we age, our lips get thinner and fine lines form around them. Lipliner helps keep lipcolor in place and prevents it from bleeding into those fine lines.

8. Think about texture. The powder blushes and stick concealers you used in your 20s and 30s may be too drying these days. Try moisturizing, cream-based shadows, as well as blushes and concealers, instead.

9. Update your technique. If you have been applying your blush and eye shadow the same way since 1970, chances are your look hearkens back to that time. You're due for an application update. Schedule a free makeup consultation at a department store to learn new ways to put on cosmetics.


10. Go for luminosity. If your skin is becoming dull -- a common problem as we age -- add a shot of radiance with lip gloss, shimmering face powder, or light-reflecting foundation. Limit yourself to one of these at a time, though.


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