Step-by-Step: How to Look Younger With Eye Makeup

Tired eyes? Celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass, a member of the Simple Advisory Board, shows us her step-by-step technique for giving your eyes a lift with makeup. Just follow along with our GIF tutorial.
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1. Yes, you need an eye cream.
Apply eye cream

Moisturizing underneath and along your brow bone is the first step of your makeup routine. When this skin is dry, fine lines and crinkles look more noticeable and your makeup is more likely to crease and cake. Apply a small amount to your upper lid and undereye area.

2. Pat -- don't pack -- on concealer.
undereye concealer how-to

Going too heavy or too light makes dark circles more obvious, but a sheer application of a creamy, yellow-based formula will neutralize any underlying blue and brighten up your undereye area. With your ring finger, or a small brush, dab along the shadowy zones -- sides of the nose, inner corners and midway underneath the eyes -- and gently blend.

3. Prime your lids.
Prime your lids

You know that slip-sliding-away thing that eye shadow does after a few hours? Prep your lids with a corrective primer and you'll prevent creasing and disguise tiny veins and age spots. Just pat on lids and blend.

4. Make your eyes sparkle with neutral eye shadow.
Apply neutral shadow

Bright colors, heavy metallics, and chunky glitter shadows call attention to wrinkles. Instead, stick with flattering earth tones like cream, pale gold or champagne. For a naturally brightening effect, blend your base color over your lids and up to the crease with a fluffy shadow brush.

5. Define your creases to widen and lift your eyes.
Define creases

Here, a matte shade of taupe or brown is best. Try a small tapered brush to blend the color just above your creases (or where they used to be) and along the outer corners. Use small circular motions to keep it soft and natural.

6. Apply shadow under the eye (yes you heard that right).
Apply shadow under eye

Using shadow instead of liner looks more soft and subtle. Take a fine-tipped eyeliner brush and apply the same taupe or brown eye shadow right along your lower lash line. (A pointy cotton swab or the tip of an eye shadow applicator will also do the trick.)

7. Use eyeliner to pump up your lash line.
use eyeliner to pump up your lash line

Instead of trying to draw the perfect line, focus on filling in the tiny spaces between your lashes, which creates the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. As you near the lashline edge, kick the line up slightly for extra lift. Then go back over the line with a brush or cotton swab. Extra credit: Line your inner rims with a flesh tone pencil for a nice pop of brightness.

8. Curl your lashes and apply black mascara.
curl lashes and apply mascara

Make your eyes look more open and awake (and counteract any sagging) by gently pumping your lashes a few times with a lash curler. Don't bother with brown or clear mascara. Nothing's more youthful than long, luscious lashes, so always go with a rich black, thickening mascara.

9. Pay extra attention to your brows.
pay extra attention to your brows

Well-groomed arches will give your eyes a noticeable lift. Since brows get thinner and lose color as we age, you need a brow pencil to add fullness back in. Pick a shade lighter than your hair color and fill in sparse areas using light, feathery strokes.

10. Use highlighter for an extra glow.
use highlighter

A light-reflective pen or a shimmery powder is like a caffeine jolt for your eyes. It instantly wakes up the whole area. Pick a cool pinky shade if your skin is fair or a warm gold shade if your skin is medium or olive tone. Draw a V shape from the top of your brow bone to the highest point of your cheekbone and gently blend.


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