The Key to Flawless Foundation

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What Color Is Best?

Foundation should always match your skin tone. Don't try to fake a porcelain face when you aren't that fair. Likewise, don't try to fake a two week vacation in St. Bart's if you aren't that dark. Anything other than your real color will look like a mask.

When you put foundation on, it should disappear on the skin -- then you know it's the right shade. Another plus to a perfect match is that you won't have to wear it over your entire face, which is important because (I can't say this enough) most women don't need foundation all over.

Color Tips

  • Always test foundation shades on your face, not on your hand. Put a bit on. Blend it out. If you no longer see it, it's perfect.
  • Don't shy away from shades that look yellowish in their packaging. On your face, they'll look great. Foundations with a yellow tint neutralize pink tones on your face. (This same tip holds true for concealers and powders.) You might think if you have pinkish skin, you need pink in your foundation. Not so. What you're after is a neutral tone, with no pinks or blues.
  • If your skin color is between two shades, go with the darker shade. A too-light foundation is more noticeable -- it will appear to be sitting on the surface of the skin. If you can't get a perfect color match, make sure to blend over the jawline and onto the neck. But with all the choices out there, I doubt you'll have a problem.
  • Don't be surprised if you need to switch shades with the seasons. If you go in the sun (with a smart sunscreen, of course) your foundation should change to match your tawnier skin tone. Most women need one shade for winter, another for summer.

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