You Asked, Bobbi Answered!

The makeup maven responds to your top beauty questions.
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Makeup Tips and Tricks

Choosing Makeup Colors

How should I match eye shadow, blush, and lip color? I often like to use makeup kits, but I still have trouble putting together a look.

Bobbi says: I've always believed that makeup should be quick and easy. If you're tight on time and only have five minutes apply concealer under your eyes and stick foundation around your nose to even out redness. Apply cream blush on the apples of your cheeks (pick a shade that looks like the color of your cheeks when they're flushed). Pick a lipstick or lipgloss that is one shade darker than the natural color of your lips. If you have more time, fill in and shade brows with brow powder and define your eyes with bone shadow all over the lid, taupe shadow on the lower lid, and mahogany shadow as liner.

Makeup for Redheads

I've just changed my hair color from highlighted blond to a copper redhead. Now I need to update my makeup. What do you recommend for eyes and blush? I have fair skin and hazel eyes -- which look really green now!

Bobbi Says: On your eyes try bone, mossy green, taupe, and red brown. When it comes to lipcolor, redheads look great in light peach, sheer light brown, brownish pink, or medium chocolate brown. For cheeks, stick to blush in shades of rosy or light orange-y brown and apricot.

Too-Straight Eyelashes

Almost every kind of mascara I use makes my eyelashes straight even though I curl them. Is it just that my eyelashes are too thin?

Bobbi says: Some women are naturally blessed with lashes that stay curled all day. Rather than fighting what nature gave you, focus on working with what you do have. I've found that lining eyes all around is a great eye-opening alternative to mascara. For the most natural look, use an eye liner brush and eye shadow to line your eyes.

Lightening Eyebrows

I color my hair a shade of dark blond. I have black eyebrows, and I would love to lighten them up without dyeing them. What do you suggest?

Bobbi says: The kind of extreme color change that you're trying to make to your eyebrows can't be achieved just with makeup. It sounds like something your hair salon could take care of.

Long-Lasting Lipstick

How can I make my lipstick last?

Bobbi says: The trick to making your lipstick last is layering creamy and dry textures. To get long wear, you want to create a surface for lip color to adhere to. Start by filling the entire lip using a neutral lip pencil and then apply your favorite lipstick over it. When lipstick begins to fade, you'll be left with a pretty stain on lips. It's also good to prep your lips before applying any lipstick. A lip balm gives lips moisture and actually helps lipstick go on smoother.

Stop Eye Shadow Creasing

How do you stop eye shadows from creasing on the eye?

Bobbi says: I always tell women that the key to getting your makeup to last for hours is powder. Using Sheer Loose Powder will help your makeup stay put and keep it from evaporating too quickly. For long-lasting eyes, begin by applying eye cream to the under-eye area only -- any extra moisture on the eyelid will cause the shadow to crease. After that, use a puff (I love velour puffs) to press powder onto your entire eyelid to prime it. You'll find that any eye makeup you apply afterwards stays in place much longer.

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