Your Top Beauty Woes -- Solved!

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More Beauty Woes Solved

Beauty Woe: Uneven-sized lips Bobbi's Fix: Most people's bottom lip tends to be fuller than the top lip. If you have thin lips, don't try to create a bigger pout by pencil-lining beyond the edge of your mouth -- it just won't look right. Instead, look for a medium-tone lip color and use a lip pencil to define your mouth, following your natural lip line. Make sure to choose a lip pencil that is the same shade as your lip (or one shade darker). Apply gloss on top of your ordinary lipstick for a more full look.

Beauty Woe: Smeared eyeliner or "raccoon eyes" Bobbi's Fix: To make your eyeliner last, line eyes with a shadow eyeliner on a damp eyeliner brush, or with a long-wearing gel eyeliner. If you use a pencil eyeliner, follow up by lining eyes with eyeshadow (in the same color as the pencil) applied with an eyeliner brush. Or, wet the eyeliner brush and apply the eyeshadow damp.

Beauty Woe: Cakey foundation Bobbi's Fix: Always prime your skin with moisturizer before applying foundation (Give the moisturizer a minute to absorb before you put on foundation). If you feel that you've put on too much foundation or that you created a lumpy texture, smooth the flats of both hands over your face to gently move the foundation from the center toward the hairline and jawline. To set the foundation, take a velour puff and use it to press powder over the foundation; this locks the foundation into place and helps prevent oil breakthrough.

Beauty Woe: Facial scars Bobbi's Fix: To conceal blemishes or scars, use a concealer brush to apply foundation that matches your skintone exactly. Do not use actual concealer; since it is lighter than your skin tone, it will only draw light and attention to the area. Remember to use powder to lock in the foundation.

Beauty Woe: Oily skin Bobbi's Fix: To keep oily skin under control, start by cleansing your face with a gentle gel formula that contains oil-controlling ingredients like seaweed extract. Avoid toners containing alcohol, as they can dry the surface of your skin. Your moisturizer should be oil-free; you can use a gel or a mattifying cream made especially for oily skin. Exfoliate your skin twice a week, concentrating on blackhead-prone areas like the nose and chin. When applying your makeup, use oil-free formulas and carry pressed powder to control shine during the day.


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