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Healthy, glowing skin can be yours. Here, a simplified skincare regimen for every skin type's most common problems.
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Sensitive Skin

How to Tell If This Type Is You

Does your skin turn red and blotchy at the slightest provocation, particularly when you've used a fragranced skincare product? Is your skin easily irritated by extreme temperature fluctuations? If so, like 40 percent of the population, you have sensitive skin.

How to Treat It

Products created for sensitive skin have one thing in common: minimal ingredients (fewer than 10 are recommended) with no unnecessary bells and whistles such as dyes and fragrances. Since sensitive skin is often dry, a simple splash of water will effectively remove any surface oils in the morning. Wash with a very mild cleanser in the evening, when you have makeup and the day's debris to get rid of. While you might think that you should go nowhere near an exfoliating scrub, you still need to help your skin shed that dead upper layer quickly -- rest assured that a gentle scrub will get the job done effectively. Next, moisturize, which is important both to increase skin's resilience and to boost its ability to protect itself from environmental irritants. Always use a daytime moisturizer with sun protection. Finally, choose a night cream that's targeted for sensitive skin. Some experts even recommend baby moisturizers, which are particularly gentle.

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