Eating for Better Skin

Here, 10 tips to get glowing skin -- naturally.
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Nutrients for Clear Skin

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You can slather on countless creams and lotions, but if your diet isn't up to par, your skin can't look its best. Here, 10 things to eat (and avoid!) for a gorgeous complexion:

1. Drink up. While water doesn't actually hydrate your skin from the inside out, it does keep your circulatory system working optimally. That, in turn, keeps skin glowing and rosy. Try to drink eight glasses of water each day.

2. Stock up on fruits. They contain powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals, chemicals that form in the body in response to things like pollution and stress. Free radicals cause the skin to become dull and tired-looking; antioxidants combat this.

3. Add fat. Forget fat-free diets -- a lack of fat in your diet can cause skin to become dry and itchy. Stick to healthy, unsaturated fats (such as those in olive oil, fatty fish, and almonds).

4. Avoid caffeine overload. Caffeine acts as a diuretic, sucking water from your body and dehydrating your skin, making it look sallow and lose elasticity. Limit your caffeine intake.

5. Boost beta-carotene. Found in dark orange fruits and veggies, beta-carotene has been shown to help skin protect itself from the sun. (Note: You still need a daily sunscreen!) Load up on carrots or orange-fleshed squash.

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