Eating for Better Skin

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6. Increase selenium intake. This mineral, now found in topical creams, helps skin internally, too, by boosting its elasticity. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, research suggests it can also protect skin from sun damage. Find selenium in whole grain cereals, eggs, and garlic.

7. Fight wrinkles with Vitamin E. It has been shown to reduce fine lines and improve skin texture. Aim for 400 mg a day (this may be easiest to do with a supplement).

8. Watch alcohol. Alcohol causes blood vessels to dilate, sending more blood to the skin. While this flush can look good in the short term, if you're prone to conditions like rosacea, it can actually make your skin look worse over time. What's more, alcohol dehydrates the body, causing dryness and dullness.

9. Avoid excess calories. While they can't immediately affect your skin, too many calories can lead to weight gain, which in turn can result in overstretching of the skin. Staying at a healthy weight will keep skin in its best condition.

10. Eat more C. It's found in topical creams as an anti-ager, but researchers have found that it works internally, too, protecting against sun damage and free radicals. Find Vitamin C in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and spinach.


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