Fall Skin Care Guide

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Smart Skin Move #4: Try eye cream

Older skin is prone to showing fine lines and a crepey texture around the eyes. And sun exposure exacerbates these problems. An eye treatment can help smooth the eye area again. Look for a product containing hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that effectively holds moisture onto the skin. "Apply it only along the bone underneath your eye. Putting it too close to the lower lid margin can lead to puffiness," says Dr. Grodberg.

Smart Skin Move #5: Combat brown spots

Post-summer, you may notice more dark spots on your face. These spots are signs of sun damage-plus, they make you look older. To help remove them, try a bleaching cream containing the ingredient hydroquinone. Bleaching creams work by slowing the production of pigment deep in the skin; they usually take a minimum of six weeks to work. While there are several bleaching creams available over the counter, you'll have better effects with a prescription cream. That's because OTC bleaching products contain very small (read: generally ineffective) percentages of their active ingredients.

Smart Skin Move #6: Get a skin check-up

With over 50,000 new cases of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, diagnosed each year, fall is the perfect time to schedule a skin check with a dermatologist. This is especially crucial if you spent your summer in the sun, as moles can change and become abnormal quickly. A dermatologist can thoroughly examine your skin, looking for abnormalities and suspicious moles, so you can clear up any possible problems before they become serious.


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