How to Beat Wrinkles

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6. Go for glycolics. Alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid gently slough off dead skin cells -- and over time can reduce the appearance of fine lines. Use a glycolic lotion once to twice a day.

7. Try vitamin A. The breakdown of collagen is thought to cause wrinkling, and creams made from vitamin A derivatives -- the most popular is Renova -- work deep within the skin to increase collagen production.

8. Quit smoking! Smoking speeds up wrinkles in several ways: The repetitive mouth motion of puffing on a cigarette can cause lines around the lips; free-radicals from smoke can break down the skin's structure, causing weakening and wrinkling; and the oxygen depletion that comes with smoking causes the skin to work less efficiently.

9. Beware of lasers. While a laser in the hands of a trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon can erase wrinkles, one in the hands of an untrained person can cause irritation, burns, and scarring. Beware of wrinkle-reducing laser treatments offered at spas and salons.

10. Embrace some of your lines. Women spend billions of dollars a year on potions and creams, all in a quest to rid themselves of wrinkles. But a lined face can look elegant and regal -- much more desirable than a face that's red, itchy, and raw from too many anti-wrinkle products and treatments!


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