The Eye Lift Diaries

Ever been tempted to turn back the clock? Reader Jane Grauer decided to go for it -- and was shocked to discover that the results weren't just physical.
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The Solution to Tired Eyes

I never thought that I, of all people, would get an eye lift. It's not my style. I'm a jeans and T-shirt kind of woman who applies mascara at red lights on the drive to my job as a kindergarten teacher. Often I don't bother to look in a mirror again until 5 P.M.

So I really was just joking around last November when I mentioned to Yael Halaas, who happens to be a facial plastic surgeon and the mother of one of my students, that I should do something about my tired eyes. Not only was the loose, sagging skin on my upper eyelids making me look older than my 50 years, but it was also drooping over my lashes. This made my eyes feel heavy all the time, to the point that I couldn't read a book at night because I couldn't force my lids open any longer.

But I began to seriously consider a surgical fix when Dr. Halaas explained how an eye lift could help. During the procedure (called a blepharoplasty), she would remove some of the fat and excess skin that was weighing down my upper eyelids, which would also open up my field of vision. It sounded scary at first, but when Dr. Halaas told me that I'd only need local anesthesia I felt more at ease. Even my husband, who's usually against surgery of any kind, didn't panic when I discussed the operation with him. With little risk involved, we both said, "Hey, why not do it?"

That's not to say I was 100 percent sold on the idea, though. If I'm remembered for anything in life, I hope it will be for my commitment to inspiring children and helping others, not my appearance. But then I was asked to write about the experience for Ladies' Home Journal. As a teacher, my calling is to share knowledge -- even on delicate subjects that people don't readily discuss. So when I began talking about my eye lift I was happy (and surprised!) to discover that almost everyone I knew had either had the procedure, knew someone who had it, or was contemplating getting it.

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