The Eye Lift Diaries

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Prepping for the Unknown

Once I'd decided to have the operation, I only had about a week to back out -- my appointment was scheduled for the following Friday! I promptly visited my doctor to get medical clearance and began taking vitamin C, zinc, and arnica, which are thought to help healing and limit postoperative bruising. Dr. Halaas also prescribed a painkiller.

Two days before my eye lift I traveled to New York City for a photo shoot with LHJ. I couldn't help but feel out of place. The first thing I saw when I walked into the studio was a gorgeous model being photographed wearing only a towel. But I started to relax and have fun when the hair and makeup artist went to work on me. It was like being queen for a day.

The jitters didn't set in until the night before my surgery. To cope I stayed up until 1:15 A.M. cooking, since spending time at the stove never fails to soothe me. As I measured and stirred all I could think was, What the heck am I doing? My father always warned me not to play with Mother Nature and it became one of my mantras. I've never abused drugs or alcohol, and I delivered my two kids without any painkillers. I have such a blessed life -- why was I messing with it now?

On the morning of the surgery it rained heavily, and the highways were backed up or closed because of flooding. Was this an omen? Should I turn back? No, I've made a commitment, I told myself -- I have to stick to it.

When I finally arrived, several lovely receptionists and nurses greeted me and explained everything that would happen. I then met with Dr. Halaas in an exam room so she could mark the incisions she'd make on my upper eyelids. Everyone was so nice and reassuring, but still, I was worried.

Once the operation began I realized I'd panicked for nothing. The only pain came from the two injections of anesthetic, and those were quick pinpricks. You're permitted to keep your eyes shut during a blepharoplasty so I never even had to see the scalpel. Dr. Halaas and I chatted throughout the procedure while a Justin Timberlake CD played in the background. I almost forgot that she was operating on me.

The surgery didn't even last an hour. After Dr. Halaas stitched me up I swallowed the painkiller she'd prescribed and rested for 20 minutes with ice packs on my eyes. This was easier than having a cavity filled, I thought. The hardest part was learning how to pronounce and spell "blepharoplasty"!

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