Top 10 Skin Myths

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Ingredients, Age, and Pimples

Myth #6: If your skin is sensitive to a specific ingredient, cut that ingredient out of your regimen.

The reality: Just because you react to a good ingredient in one formulation doesn't mean you'll have the same response to another formulation. Effective cosmetic skincare ingredients like AHAs, salicylic acid, and retinol can be irritating. If you try a product containing one of these ingredients, start slowly to allow your skin time to adjust. If, after two weeks, you still notice irritation, try another product containing the ingredient. You may find that a different mix will agree with your skin.

Myth #7: All women over 35 need foundation.

The reality: "Foundation ages women!" says Dr. Rodan. It settles into fine lines and large pores, and can give a mask-like finish unless the shade is perfectly matched to your skin. The doctors' advice (which they themselves follow): Skip foundation, and concentrate on getting your skin in fabulous shape so you won't need it.

Myth #8: The bumps you get on your adult skin aren't acne.

The reality: They might not be the same pimples you had when you were a teenager, but they're still acne. Thank the natural decrease in estrogens/increase in androgens we experience as we age, plus our increasingly stressful lifestyles, for this common condition. To stave off adult acne, you need a consistent, full-face regimen containing gentle but effective acne fighters like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and sulfur.

Myth #9: Spot-treatments are your best bets for pimples.

The reality: A pimple can take weeks to form under the skin, so while you're treating the one that's currently visible with a spot treatment, you're neglecting the ones that will pop up in the future. Drs. Rodan and Fields swear by a preventative, full-face regimen to stop pimples before they even begin to form.

Myth #10: Stick only with products that worked for you in the past.

The reality: Our bodies change as we age -- so why shouldn't our skin? Sticking to the same old products as your skin changes doesn't make sense. The products cease to be effective if your skin needs shift and you could also be missing out on new technologies and ingredients that will better suit your current needs. Don't be afraid to experiment!



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