Turn Back Time

Keep your skin looking its youngest and beautiful best with these new anti-aging products.
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Turn Back Time on Your Skin

We can see it, touch it, and feel its every shift. In fact, our skin is such a part of us that it's easy to forget that it's the largest organ in our body and its top job is to literally protect us from harm. Yet, like every other organ, the passage of time affects the skin's basic functioning, which in turn affects its appearance (yes, that little thing called aging).

For instance, in our childhood, our skin recovers from bumps and bruises and keeps itself sufficiently hydrated. Throughout our teenage years and even into our late 20s, we may contend with acne, but our skin tends to be smooth, firm and wrinkle-free, all thanks to abundant levels of collagen and elastin. As we enter our 30s, however, our skin's natural defense mechanisms start to break down, making it more vulnerable to routine stresses -- sunlight, pollution, emotional strain and occasional sleeplessness. These stressors manifest themselves in the appearance of fine lines and a rougher texture on our cheeks and forehead. Years of facial expressions, meanwhile, also contribute to wrinkling; think of it as a piece of paper that is constantly folded and unfolded. After a while those creases tend to stick. Finally -- and perhaps most significantly, because we can control this -- unhealthy habits, such as smoking and not using sun protection, also affect our skin's functioning. The final factor? Genetics, which plays a starring role in how we will age -- so take a look at Mom or even Grandma for a peek into your skin-care future.

Now for the good news: Experts agree that the last five years have brought huge advances in anti-aging skincare technology. What that means for you is a younger-looking, healthier, more radiant complexion than you had ever dreamed possible. Come on, it's time to reclaim your skin!

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